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  • Power Porridge is :
  • vegan
  • gluten-free, lactose-free and with no added sugar
  • high in protein
Produced in Denmark
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Power Porridge is an ideal meal for those on the go who wants a healthy and filling low calorie meal - with no added sugar. Just add water, hot or cold and a delicious meal under 300 calories is ready! Comes in a biodegradable to go cup and a spoon. Easy to bring with you anywhere! 

Ideal for weight loss: Oat bran and chia seeds are high in fiber and ensures a longer sense of satiety that helps maintain or support weight loss.

High in protein: Contains lactose-free whey protein isolate which helps to increase and maintain muscle mass as well as normal bones.

Sugar-free: No added sugar, lactose-free and gluten-free. No additives or preservatives.

Delicious and natural flavors. 

How do I use Power Porridge?

Power Blend can be used as a nutritious protein porridge by simply adding water or milk.

The combination of oat bran, chia seeds and protein powder, gives a long satiety. Whey protein isolate or plant protein ensures a high level in protein meal on the go. 

CO2 friendly packing

Serve in a biodegradable “to go” cup and spoon.

This is; Healthy Living Made Easy!


Oat bran/havreklid, riceprotein isolate/ris protein isolat blend ( rice/ris 34%), amino acid/syrer ( 9%) pea/ærte protein, emulsifier/ emulgator( soy/soya lecitin ), flavorings/aromaer, inulin, thickener/fortykningsmiddel, ( sodium carboxymethylcellulose), salt, acid/citronsyre, (citric acid), sweeteners/sødemiddel ( sucralose/ sukralose, steviol-stevia glycosides ) Colors, farvestoffer ( tartrazine) chia seeds/chiafrø, freeze dried raspberry/frysetørret hindbær.

Data sheet

Energy (100g/25g)
1191 KJ/284 kcal
Fat (100g/25g)
9,19 g
Of which saturated (100g/25g)
1,2 g
Carbohydrates (100g/25g)
29,3 g
Of which sugars (100g/25g)
4,2 g
Protein (100g/25g)
24,4 g
Salt (100g/25g)
0,2 g
8,3 g

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